Illustration by  Aaron Griffin

Illustration by Aaron Griffin


Miles went to sleep tucked tightly in bed in his Austin apartment and woke up in the middle of a damp, dark forest in the kingdom of Rompu, a land being torn apart by a civil war between its king and queen. 

Miles has few companions in this vast kingdom, which is filled with fantastical animals and flora yet sprinkled with familiar items like digital clocks and vinyl records. As he searches for a way to return home, he discovers that certain memories trigger magical abilities: he can shoot fireballs from his palms, heal with nothing but a touch, and more. But as he struggles to make sense of this new world, his thoughts are punctuated by painful memories of his sick grandmother, quarreling parents, and an icy school therapist. 

When Miles learns that a monstrous entity flying through the countryside and killing for sport was summoned from a portal to another realm, he believes this creature is the key to learning how to open another rift and return home. Tracking down this beast and mastering his newfound magical abilities may be the only way for Miles to help save Rompu and get back to his family in Texas.


Praise for Wondrous

"I loved everything about this book. The combination of this magical world and Miles' struggle to cope in the real world is really clever, and very well done." - The Story Collector

"...it is full of action, drama, magic and chaos. There really wasn't a dull moment." - Em's Book Corner

"Travis has a skill at writing emotive passages ... Travis has poured his heart and soul into the world of Rompu, and with a world this well thought out and crafted, I genuinely hope we'll be able to visit the residents again in the future." - Everything Alyce