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Praise for Balam, Spring

"When I started reading Balam, Spring and found this beautiful, welcoming small town with quirky characters and a sense of normalcy, I was elated. (If you think I'm exaggerating, you should have seen me running around gushing about how perfect this book was to everyone). Balam, Spring is a book that you can just sit down and lose yourself in because not only is it a lovely small town setting, it also has an intriguing plot line to keep you hooked." - Forever Lost in Literature

"Balam, Spring is a genuinely unique whodunnit tale that is part mystery, part slice of life, filled with a suspense that refuses to release its claws. Right when you think you're coming upon a reveal, Riddle throws in another twist that leaves you back at square one with more questions than before. ... The world building in here is just absolutely beautiful. The descriptions were so vivid, I felt like I could close my eyes and upon opening them, I'd be resting under Balam's massive yunesca tree on an picturesque spring morning framed with the calming sounds of waterfalls." - Goodreads Review

"I hope we get more of this. We need more of this. Fantasy isn’t just magic, battles et al. It’s about the newness of things. About the strange things you’ll never get to see, to feel. To taste and to read. But that you can discover through a medium. And that’s why this is very much worth a read." - Goodreads Review